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Wake Series

Beginning with Hydra’s Wake, the Wake series is the first multi-novel story from Daniel Jones. 

The story follows dirigible pilot Rogue Whip and friends as they endure extreme survival scenarios that pit them against nature’s fiercest and deadliest animals.

These adventures have non-stop action, and take readers on truly wild rides full of twists and turns that keep everyone guessing as to who lives, who dies, and what secrets of their world will our heroes discover?

Hydra’s Wake

Science Fiction


Kaiju Monsters

Evil Antagonists

Paranormal and Trans Dimensional effects

Hydra Tower

Trouble plagues the Kingdom of Grasen. Not only is King Edwards dealing with bandits, but he’s helping distant relatives, including young Princess Lavina, escape a diphtheria outbreak. But shortly after Princess Lavina and her family arrive, a monster attacks—a fierce, acid-spitting hydra that even magic can’t defeat.

As the island evacuates, King Edwards’ son, Prince Malcolm, becomes trapped in the castle tower, unable to escape the hydra. His disappearance leaves Grasen vulnerable to political intrigue, and the hydra’s appearance foreshadows a powerful evil growing in the land. When the king is poisoned, it’s up to Princess Lavina to gather legendary warriors to kill the hydra, rescue the prince, and save the kingdom…before it’s too late.

Hydra Tower is the first standalone novel from Daniel Jones. 

Hydra Tower


Women Protagonists

Fairy Retelling

Swords and Sorcery

Intentional Trope Flipping/Reversals


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Author Resources

As an Indie (Self-Published) Author, I know how daunting the task of self-publishing is.

One thing I like doing is sharing my experience with others in the hopes that it may assist in giving others a shot at success.

So, I’ve compiled a guide that offers some insight and knowledge on what’s required, and what’s recommended.

If you have any aspiration on becoming an author, check this page out and give it a read.

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Release Schedule

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May 2022

Hydra’s Wake

Wake Series 1 – Science Fiction / Steampunk


April 2023

Hydra Tower

Standalone Novel – Fantasy / Swords and Sorcery


September 2024

Frost Wake

Wake Series 2 – Science Fiction / Steampunk


 May 2025

Toximaw Territory

Standalone Novel – Science Fiction / Military


Project is being Traditionally Published!! Details coming eventually!!

Manticore Trails

Standalone Novel – Science Fantasy / Steampunk