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My work speaks for itself and is meant to entertain people. Sometimes you just need to break out of the real world and enjoy a wild ride!

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You can see/listen to every interview or podcast appearance I’ve made! There’s so much to know about my writing and my inspiration, and those interviews are the best place to learn about it!

Some fun facts

Daniel Jones is a Creature Feature author who puts the focus of his stories on a variety of legendary and mythical animals.

He was born in California US, growing up in a military family, he lived in several places all around the world; including Japan, Germany, New Mexico, and England. Daniel is an Eagle Scout; an accomplishment he takes great pride in, as well as the oldest of three brothers, and a total child of the 90’s. He currently lives in Maryland, USA with his wife Robyn.

He has a passion for nature and animals and can often be found wandering local parks, zoos, or aquariums in his spare time.

Some fun trivia about him is that his favorite colors are dark green and teal, his favorite animals are Leopards and Rhinos, favorite movies are Tremors, Aliens, and Predator.

My Novels
(**Currently Announced, updated 2023)

    • Action Thrillers where survival is the heart of the story. Steampunk inspired Science Fiction setting, but the stories are about extreme survival situations with monsters.
  • Hydra’s Wake
  • Frost Wake**
  • Wake 3**
  • Wake 4**
  • Wake 5**
  • Hydra Tower
    • (Swords and Sorcery Fantasy, Showcases a Hydra)
  • Manticore Trails **
    • (Steampunk Exploration, Showcases Manticores)
  • Toximaw Territory **
    • (Action Thriller Horror, showcases a unique creature)
  • Bleeding Water **
    • (1920’s Noir Suspense Thriller, Showcases Kelpies)
  • Amnesia’s Teeth **
    • (Survival Horror, Showcases Grootslang)

  • AFRICA: The Primal WIldlands!
    • A Short Story found in The Wither Chronicles Vol 1
    • Amazon Link
      • Zombie focused short story collection.
      • Proceeds go to charities supporting Military Families and Anti Human Trafficking Groups.


An Indie Author who works hard!

“If I had to say anything to new authors, it would be don’t give up. There is a network of amazing people who can help you with anything writing related, and there’s no timer on accomplishing any goal. Take it one word at a time until you reach “The End,” because that’s a feeling that is worth experiencing.”






2024 In Person Events






Event Location Dates
Farpoint Con
Hunt Valley, Maryland
February 9 – 11
Halfway To Halloween by Frightreads
Glen Burnie, Maryland
May 25
Station Unity
National Harbor, Washington DC August 16 – 18
Fursona Con
Newport News, Virginia Aug 29 – Sept 1
Frightreads Book Festival
Hanover, Maryland
September 28 – 29

I am looking to sign up for and attend more events.
This list will be updated as I hear back from venues!



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