Fantasy Adventure

Swords and Sorcery

Women Protagonists


The Story

Hydra Tower is an exciting story that follows three powerful heroines in an exciting swords and sorcery fantasy!

Trouble plagues the Kingdom of Grasen. Not only is King Edwards dealing with bandits, but he’s helping distant relatives, including young Princess Lavina, escape a diphtheria outbreak. But shortly after Princess Lavina and her family arrive, a monster attacks—a fierce, acid-spitting hydra that even magic can’t defeat.

As the island evacuates, King Edwards’ son, Prince Malcolm, becomes trapped in the castle tower, unable to escape the hydra. His disappearance leaves Grasen vulnerable to political intrigue, and the hydra’s appearance foreshadows a powerful evil growing in the land. When the king is poisoned, it’s up to Princess Lavina to gather legendary warriors to kill the hydra, rescue the prince, and save the kingdom…before it’s too late.

A Fairy Retelling

This story is a new twist on the classic “Dragon and Princess” story.

To Freshen things up a bit, we’re swapping a hydra in for the dragon. And to flip the script even further, we are locking the prince in the enchanted tower and the princess is going to have to go in and do all of the hero work. 

This story is exciting because of the nonstop action, medieval style political intrigue, dark and dangerous world, and serious tones that beta readers compared to the Witcher.

This book puts women in strong places of power and gives them the action hero treatment. They are here to kick ass and save the kingdom, rescue the prince, and slay a hydra. Be ready for a lot of Blood, Guts, and Gore to fly! 


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